Ready, Steady, Succeed 

Day of Marketing Workshop

Three Modules, 25 exercises, and your own personal marketing strategy.

Module 1: READY

$129 Special | SDN Pricing $99

This is the module where you establish your baseline, find your problem areas, understand your goal and your stats.  Students MUST bring a tablet or laptop. 

Attendees will:

  • Score your Searchability

  • Establish Business Baseline

  • Set Monetary Goals

  • Grade your Website and Social Media

  • Analyze your Name and Tagline

  • Find your Differentiator 

  • Determine your Target Market 

  • and more
    You can stop with this module if you are just looking for a foundation course...but if you are serious about succeeding...keep going. 


Module 2: STEADY

$129 Special | SDN Pricing $99
This is the credibility module.  Why should I client choose you out of all your competitors?  They choose you because of the age-old philosophy of Know, Like and Trust.  With this module, they will get to know and like you plus by showcasing what you bring to the table, the trust will follow. 

Attendees will:

  • Find their content strengths

  • Powerful Call to Actions

  • Understand content length per purpose

  • Create a list of topic titles that grab attention 

  • Write starter articles

  • Build a Content Calendar

  • Write a video script and establish props

  • and so much more

Module 3: SUCCEED!

$129 Special | SDN Pricing $99

Did you think you were done? Oh no, there is more to arm you with your success strategy! This is your well-rounded module. You can't just do videos or write articles.  Your strategy needs to help you touch as many people as possible. This module will do precisely that.

Attendees will: 

  • Understand the Power of FaceTime

  • Create 3 Ice Breakers

  • Create presentation outline

  • Learn where to stand and what to hold

  • Analyze business cards, brochures

  • Understand physical marketing materials

  • How to connect and network 

  • and so much more 

Don't waste another moment! Register now for this powerful and success changing workshop.  Don't forget your laptop or tablet as this class is highly interactive.  Also, bring your stats from this past years, sales and number of clients. You will not have to share these numbers with the group. 


Questions?  Call JoAnne at 814-440-3044 or email


2020 Dates to Be Determined

Starting a business is easy, succeeding is the difficult part.  It doesn't matter if you sell real estate, stage or decorate homes, sell products or cater for is the aspect that is the most neglected.  Face it, we tend to have a field of dreams approach to it and they will come.  Yes, they may come...if they know you exist and are fabulous at what you do. 


Hi, I'm JoAnne Lenart-Weary, and I have been in business for 40+ years and the first 10 were a constant struggle. I suffered from the same problem many of you have, either so busy you can't keep up or simply hearing crickets. One day I realized the missing piece of the puzzle was consistent marketing. Not only did it need to be consistent...I had to learn to LOVE marketing.  I learned it takes more than talent to grow a business. No longer could I blame the economy, the people, or my competitors for slow was all up to me. This mindset really came in handy when I began teaching others how to grow a successful decorating and staging business. 


The result was the READY, STEADY, SUCCEED MARKETING WORKSHOP!  This is not a sit back and listen kind of class, but a roll up your sleeves and do the work. Sign up for 1 or all 3...students must attend Module 1 to take the others. 

It Takes more than Talent to Succeed! 

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