Why do I have to be a New You in the New Year?

This little mantra is everywhere...New Year, New You! But why...what is wrong with the old me? You don't need to be a New You...you simply need to be a more focused you, driven by what inspires you to succeed. So what are some of the things you need to be more focused?

1. Focus on your motivation. Is your motivation money, time, or the glory of owning your own company? Bottom line, if you don't know what drives you, then why are you in business? We all have a different concept of success. Define yours so you can know when you have "made it."

2. Focus on your past year. Take the time to assess last years sales, number of clients, average sales, overhead costs, and money spent. 'What do you need to change? There are two ways to make more money...more clients or increase average sale...what is your game plan?

3. Focus on the Money Makers. What service made you the most money? Are you promoting something that simply isn't delivering or appealing to your clients? Perhaps you need to rethink your business model. This is the time. Don't offer a service because you think you should. I moved away from vacant staging because I was tired of all the moving parts and when I ran my numbers...it didn't deliver. So I changed my focus to my true moneymakers...occupied staging, color consultations, and One Day Decorating. Don't lock yourself into a business model that has simply evolved.

4. Focus on your Story and Branding. I coach and mentor people everyday that simply need a business makeover. Their logo, website, social media, and even their name may simply look tired or doesn't fit their business now. Sherri's Staging doesn't work if you don't even focus on staging anymore. Evolve with your business. You can have multiple domain names pointing to your website so old clients can still find you and new clients aren't confused by your name. 5. Focus on your Plan. You will not succeed without a plan or strategy. This week, sit down and create a content calendar, (follow the link for a free sample one I created for you) and also, map out your income expectations over the course of the year.

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