Color Matters!

Rather you are eating a beautiful plate of food or decorating a room...Color Matters! I remember years ago, making pierogi for St. Patrick's Day. Yes, an odd choice but when your roots are Eastern European, those dough pockets, typically filled with potatoes and cheese are good for any occasion. In the spirit of St. Pat's, I decided to dye my potatoe filling green with food coloring. The end result was a batch of pierogi, (which take hours to make) thrown in the disposal. Why...because Color Matters. Cutting into that pierogi with green potatoes oozing out was just not appealing.

So what about the colors on your latest staging project? Did your client say she would prefer to give potential buyers a painting allowance? The majority of the world does not have the ability to visualize. Encourage them to use a neutralized palette that will provide broader appeal. After all, I would hate to see their house end up the real estate version of a disposal.

Check back to see my list of top ten staging colors.

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