Are you New to the Staging Business?

Welcome...and get ready to have fun and frustration on this new adventure. There is so much for you to know but don't get hung up on that. Each project you do, each seminar or workshop you attend, each networking event will all help you to get wiser. Learn from your Peers, Mentors and Clients. Here are my top 3 things you need to do if you are just starting. When I say, just starting, I mean any business less than 2 years old.

1. Become a member of the Staging and Design Network. This will put instant inventory at your fingertips, smart people to help you price and great ongoing education.

2. Join RESA or the Real Estate Staging Association...the only trade professional association in the country. Yes, there are others but they are privately owned which means there is a conflict of interest. Join them as well if you like...but start with RESA.

3. Take one of the free seminars or webinars at the Staging and Design Network. Let us help you jumpstart your business. Now get ready for a great adventure!

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