Inventory Management

We know managing inventory can be a challenge. It's the reason why SDN was born!


Let us help you unload and offload all the challenges that come with finding the right fit for how you like to run your business.


AT SDN, you have the option to keep your items for your use only - or you can put them in the shared rental pool and earn extra income when your items are rented out or sold.

Many features are similar in each program, but you must select one or the other, as the terms and benefits are not equal. Either way, your inventory will be managed in a safe, climate-controlled facility!

Here's a quick overview of the Shared and Private Inventory Management Programs.


  • No storage fees.

  • Items will be screened

  • Items must be available for rent and for sale

  • We set the rental price

  • You set the sale price

  • Items cannot be placed on reserve

  • You receive 30% of the rental income

  • You receive 60% of the sale price

  • Pick, Pack, Pull and load is included

  • We barcode and photograph every item

  • We upload everything to your member account page

  • Place and track all orders online

  • See the status in real-time as available, rented or sold

  • See the monthly and annual rental income for all pieces

  • See how many days is piece is out when it's renting


  • Price per cubic foot monthly subscription (to be quoted)

  • No screening on items that are not shared

  • Inventory can be kept private

  • Unlimited pick, pack, pull and loading is included in your subscription 

  • Pick up and Delivery Available at our standard rate

  • All items are barcoded, photographed, uploaded to your account page.

  • You can decide to rent or sell

  • Shared Rental commission is 50%

  • Shared Sales commission is 60%

  • Process orders online

  • Track your orders

  • Track your item status as available, rented, sold or on reserve


Please send a note to or call us at 833-782-4373 to set up a time to chat more in-depth about your inventory needs.

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