Creating a beautiful room is part talent, part creativity, and a big dollop of implementing the design elements that result in consistently beautiful rooms.  Many people tend to create the same look again and again. This is usually a reflection of their own likes and dislikes. A "good eye" and gut instincts may actually limit your efforts.  By implementing the core elements of design in all your staging and design projects, your work will be consistently fabulous. 


This class was created for aspiring and established stagers, designers, decorators, agents, and even the DIYer, who simply want more confidence with their own home. If you feel your portfolio looks a bit unimaginative or you simply want to work more efficiently...join JoAnne Lenart-Weary for this information-filled seminar that will help you create rooms with style and creativity. 


This class is highly interactive and students are asked to bring a laptop or tablet with them to complete class projects.  Students will have the ability to create a concept board and plan for potential clients as well as be armed with design foundations for staging and design projects. 

Students will receive:
5 Hours Interactive Education, Support Materials, "Measurements that Matter" Cheat Sheet, Paint Deck, ongoing support, and more.

Four Modules = Great Foundation




Our reaction to color is visual, emotional and physical. There is no other element of color that evokes as personal a reaction as a color.

In this module, you will understand the three elements of color, how to mix colors that complete... not compete and how to mix and match colors easily. 



Oh, the power of is not what you have but where you put it that matters.


In this fast-paced module, we will discuss the best arrangements for selling and dwelling, the importance of the focal point and how to create horizontal and vertical balance




A room's personality starts to evolve when you add the fabrics. But so many patterns...what goes with what?  Do you have to stay style-specific? 


In this module, we will focus on what patterns pair well, how color can change the dynamic and the power of texture. 





The final touch, the elements that give a room interest, personality, and pizazz. This is where you really have a chance to get creative. 

In this module, we will focus on proper placement, balance, and creative ideas. 


WHAT:      Day of Design

WHERE:    Kirkland, WA


TIME:        10-4 PM


Aspiring & Established Stagers, Decorators, Designers, Agents, DIYs

$495 includes lunch


WHAT:      Day of Design 

WHERE:    Phoenix, AZ

WHEN:      TBD

TIME:         10-4 PM


Aspiring & Established Stagers, Decorators, Designers, Agents, DIYs

$495 includes lunch

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